KATRIN - high-quality hygiene product solutions

KATRIN - high-quality hygiene product solutions

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The KATRIN brand represents and offers exclusive public space (Away from Home) hygiene products and solutions produced by the Scandinavian company Metsä Tissue. KATRIN is one of the most recognized and recognizable brands, whose product range ensures confidence and well-being in public spaces - bathrooms, toilets, washrooms in hotels, schools, restaurants, industrial workplaces and healthcare.


Katrin's offer includes high-quality products that meet the strictest hygiene requirements:


  • different types of hand towels,
  • toilet paper,
  • handkerchiefs and napkins
  • healthcare products,
  • foam and liquid soap,
  • disinfectants,
  • air fresheners.



The KATRIN range also includes various dispensers, containers, and holders for hand towels, toilet paper, soap, which ensure not only convenient use, but also the correct amount of paper or product for the user, avoiding unnecessary waste and reducing the impact on the environment.