We would like to inform you that the legal name of LLC PTC would be LLC PAKELLA.

LLC PTC has been one of the leaders in the trade of packaging materials in the Baltics for 24 years and this year we have attracted new shareholders with a significant amount of investment. These years have been full of growth and challenges for all of us. Based on the current market trends, we have decided in favour of changing the company's name and visual identity, which would more symbolize both the services we provide and the company's strategic goals - improving customer service, expanding the range of products and exploring new markets.

One of the long-term goals of our strategy is to join the global initiative - the Charter on the Ethics of Packaging - to support and promote the distribution, development, production and use of responsible, balanced, safe, accessible, comprehensible, informative, modern, forward-looking, educational and sustainable packaging use. The rebranding, together with the accumulated experience and unique knowledge, will allow maintaining an effective and professional focus on the main goals of the company. The designation chosen for the brand is the word "PAKELLA". It heralds stability, lightness and modernity - just the way our company is - stable and innovative. Our team is made up of knowledgeable specialists, where each is a specialist in their field, but we are all united by common values: responsibility, accuracy, honesty, confidentiality and humanity.


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